2002 Firehawk Trans-Am #1066 23,300 miles $18,500 obo

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2002 Firehawk Trans-Am #1066 23,300 miles $18,500 obo

Post by Firehawk_1066 » Mon May 02, 2016 4:45 pm

I am selling my beloved 2002 Pontiac Trans-Am Firehawk #1066 out of 1501 built in 2002. It has been meticulously cared for since day 1 and always garaged. It has never been in an accident, runs perfectly and everything works 100%. I have kept a detailed log of all services performed on the vehicle including date and mileage (except for the oil was changed yearly with 5w-30 Mobil 1 synthetic). I also have all of the installation instructions for all of the performance parts I have put on over the years. In addition, I have all of the original documentation from when it was purchased including the original window sticker, SLP modification sticker and birth certificate just to name a few. The sale also comes with the original Firehawk logoed car cover and all of the small extras that were included from SLP such as SLP pens, letter openers etc. There are too many to list but rest assured I have not thrown out a single item that came with the car when I first picked it up. I even have the 2002 Firebird brochure from GM.
List of modifications to the car are as follows. I made all of the modifications personally to ensure they were done correctly as I am a Certified Mechanical Engineer and very picky about how things are done with quality being my first and foremost concern and I wanted to make sure the car could be put back to 100% stock if I or a future owner wanted to. If anything had to be permanently modified, I first purchased a new OEM component and modified that so that all original parts were kept intact (for example the lower control arm relocation brackets required cutting the e-brake brackets at a specific location as per the installation instructions. I removed the originals and boxed them up and cut the second set I purchased). Also I should mention that I have every single original part that I removed from the car that was replaced with a performance part so if you ever want it back to a stock factory condition you have the components to do so.
• SLP strut tower brace (with custom spacers I machined myself out of 6061 aluminum which have a much greater surface area than the washers SLP provides with the brace)
• SLP adjustable torque arm
• SLP loudmouth exhaust with 3.5” slash cut tips (this is the second generation with the modular design)
• SLP throttle body bored out to 80mm
• SLP mass air floor sensor
• SLP air box lid
• SLP shifter knob handle
• SLP smooth bellows kit
• SLP bolt on sub frame connecters
• K&N air filter
• Short shifter stick
• Red neon lights under the dashboard on both the driver and passenger sides for effect lighting. (They match the red color of the lights in the dashboard and can be turned off with a toggle switch)
• The rear center filler panel between the taillights was replaced with one from a 35th anniversary Trans-Am to match the silver Firehawk logos on the car instead of the red one it came with.
• Silver inlay decals in the rear Pontiac lettering just under the center filler panel
• UMI lower control arms
• UMI lower control arm relocation brackets
• UMI pan hard bar
• Tinted windows 20%
Some key notes about the vehicle:
• I purchased it brand new in New York under my mother’s name for insurance purposes which I then had to change over to my name when I moved to Florida but I am in fact the only owner.
• The Catalytic Converters were changed under recall at 19,163 miles on 2/28/12
• The Sail panel has been replaced with an OEM sail panel manufactured prior to 1998 which was when GM started to use faulty adhesive on the panels that had a degassing issue which resulted in bubbling of the paint. Sadly, a simple repainting of the panel does not correct the issue as the adhesive under the panel continues to degas and will just start bubbling the paint again. To add insult to injury GM stopped making these sail panels years ago before the issues started to surface so many if not most owners of 98-02 Camaros and Firebirds were left to either live with it or salvage a panel from a vehicle prior to 98. The panel that went on this car came from a 1996 Firebird that was removed from a salvage yard. It was repainted professionally with the highest quality.
• Tires (Firestone Firehawk tires) are practically new. They were installed when the car had 21,706 miles on 11/22/14
• The battery was replaced at 20,435 miles on 3/24/13

Please note:
• Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges if the vehicle is being shipped somewhere and must be picked up from my residence as I do not want to be responsible for driving the car somewhere once it is purchased. Additionally, if you want all of the original parts there are several boxes (some large) that you will also have to make arrangements for. I can put everything else in the vehicle that is small and fits. I believe everything will fit except the original exhaust.

See here for pics and listing:

cars.com: https://www.cars.com/vehicledetail/deta ... /overview/

autotrader: http://www.autotrader.com/cars-for-sale ... 4646&Log=0
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Re: 2002 Firehawk Trans-Am #1066 23,300 miles $19,500 obo

Post by Firehawk_1066 » Sat May 21, 2016 9:59 am

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