1995 Firehawk #344

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1995 Firehawk #344

Post by Galaxie65 » Tue Jul 12, 2016 6:01 am

So forgive me if this is the wrong place to ask value in order to set a price. I'm new to the site and didn't see a spot to ask. So if I overlooked it I ll post in that section, just to start everything off.

So the time has come that I have to let my hawk go, I just don't have the time to fix her up to the original beauty. So awhile back someone decided to take a corner to fast and just happened to nail the side of my hawk along the driver side. The car was not totaled but the rear quarter, drivers door and the tail light suffered the worst. The car was evaluated and insurance said it wasn't totaled/salvage title status. I had hope of fixing the car but as time went on my living situation changed and I got married. So priorities came into play more then the toys so I need to hopefully find a good home for it. I want to see someone get it fixed and continue enjoying it as much as I did.

The car has 69K on it and is pretty clean aside from the damage. The car has everything as it did when it rolled off the dealership. Black leather interior, the works for options, and so on.

I just have no clue what something like this's is worth in its present condition. I ll post some images soon but wanted to get feedback from the experts. I know it's a crap shoot to guess the price on the description, but figured maybe I can get some direction. I do know its 1-20 made with the options according to the research I did. Any help is appreciated and thanks for a great site.

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Re: 1995 Firehawk #344

Post by Scott Chab » Tue Jul 12, 2016 10:39 am

It'll be impossible to determine value with the limited info provided.
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Re: 1995 Firehawk #344

Post by PontiacFan » Tue Jul 12, 2016 11:58 am

In 'my' opinion, I think you'll be disappointed in the potential selling price, but it may be best to just dump it off & be done with it.
Get some photos up so everyone can see what the damage looks like.
If it requires a new door, new quarter panel, tail panel, & taillight replacement, it'll have to be cheap in order to fix it & still be worth the time/money/effort.

Don't get hung up on 1 of 20, ..., it won't mean diddly to someone who has to repair/rebuild it.

Also, give everyone more details on colors, options, etc.

Is this the actual car?
http://www.firehawkowners.com/gallery/v ... /1995/0344
White convertible?

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Re: 1995 Firehawk #344

Post by Maplehawk » Sat Jul 16, 2016 2:16 pm

Really a tough call with the damage.

On the bright side it's a 4th gen Firehawk convertible 6-speed so a car that is worthy of the repair (in my heavily biased opinion). Not being a body man I have no sense of the cost.

My advice would be to list the car with the details proving its a real R6V code Firehawk, photos showing the parts that need no work (especially the hard to replace SLP bits like the hood, wheels, airbox), and detailed photos and maybe the repair estimate you may have been supplied by the insurance review.

Hope you can find it a new home.

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Re: 1995 Firehawk #344

Post by Galaxie65 » Sun Jul 17, 2016 3:19 am

Hey guys,

Thanks for the response, I've been away with work and didn't get back until now.

To answer some of the questions the link provided by Pontiacfan is my car. I purchased that car from the dealership (Red's Auto's)

http://www.firehawkowners.com/gallery/v ... /1995/0344

I will be uploading some of the pictures within the next day or so. That way you can all see what the extent of the damage is. I guess I was more along the lines of asking if it was even something to consider fixing. I just hate to see a nice car go quietly into the junkyard or just rot away.

The 1-20 thing it's really a big thing for me, I only found out after I was running the numbers to see what all I had. I'm a Ford guy typically but this was a special situation I found myself in. However I have enjoyed the car very much and see that there is a real chance it can be saved. I know that It will need some body work but just wanted to get an idea. So I'll post the pics so you can see and hopefully a body guy will be able to shed some light.

The bits that are Firehawk specific are intact and I don't think much if anything along that line is damaged. I know that the trim piece along the door is busted but I think that piece is fairly common or easy to find or I hope so. The door is the bulk of the damage along with the lower rear quarter, which is no small feat in of itself.

I think I have a bias when it comes to Pontiac because I also owned a 68' GTO and really enjoyed that car as well.

I really appreciate the response guys, I'll get those pics up soon.

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