2001 Firehawk #293 (Gauging interest)

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2001 Firehawk #293 (Gauging interest)

Post by NBrehm » Sun Oct 08, 2017 4:08 pm

So I think a lot of you have been following along on my resto project. I've pretty much run out of stuff I had to work on for a bit and may be in a situation to buy a house so thinking about selling the Hawk for some liquidity. I have no need to sell it, but probably would if someone meets my price. The car is not a garage queen, but it is in pretty good shape and I have obviously tackled a lot of things that needed attention.
Info on what's been done:

Exterior: 7/10
Probably the worst part of the car is the exterior. It isn't in bad shape. It does have some bubbling in the roof panel from the glue issue common to all of the later F-Bodies, and 1 doorskin has some damage on the corner from the previous owner (probably repairable) Other than that the paint is pretty good, some very minor dings in the 1/4's that are tough to see.

Interior 9/10
No major issues with the interior. Previous owner removed the window sweeps. I have new ones to put on and will modify them with screws so they won't crack the trim panel, but I will install them. The driver door needs a new window regulator. It works but is missing a stop so the window tips in when it is going up if you don't hold it.

Mechanical: The car does have 106K on it, everything works. Engine runs fine, transmission shifts fine. The only issue I currently know of is there is a leak in the right rear axle seal.

Not going to beat around the bush with it, like I said, it's a good solid car, not a garage queen. I've put about $4K in new parts on it already. If someone crosses my palm with $10,000 I'd probably let it go. Having said that I will pre-empt the low ballers, $10K means $10K, not $9500, not $9750 and I ship it.

Also, for $2500 more I will include all the extra stuff I have
-Firehawk manuals, literature
-Firehawk Floormats
-Firehawk Trophy mat
-Extra blackwing lid
-2X SLP Dual/Dual mufflers
-6X extra Painted Firehawk wheels and center caps (condition ranges from pretty good to decent, all repairable)
-LMC headlight conversion kit
-2X extra headlight housings with motors
-Spare 10 bolt with 3.42 gears, 4 channel
-Original suspension components and brake calipers I recently took off
Probably some more odds and ends, have to check storage

They parts go as a package deal or I will take the time to sell them individually or just save them as I am sure their value will only go up in the future, but prefer to just send it all together

LMK if anyone is interested
2001 Formula Firehawk #293

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