2001 Formula Hawk #293 Restoration thread.

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Re: 2001 Formula Hawk #293 Restoration thread.

Post by opie » Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:11 am

Looking great! 👍

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Re: 2001 Formula Hawk #293 Restoration thread.

Post by NBrehm » Sun May 27, 2018 9:29 am

Door panel crack prevention:
SO I am sure some, if not many of you have had the top piece of plastic on your door panel crack. Here are a couple of tips to prevent it and how I modded my panels.

There are several possible causes from impact or sometimes slamming doors which the only way to prevent is to not slam the door or hit it, but the one that gets people with age is the window sweep. The window sweep is held on from the factory with heavy duty staples. They are great for fastening, but as the sweep ages the rubber tends to shrink and the staple is not strong enough to hold it in place. It not only tears the rubber on the sweep a little, but as it shrinks it pulls in on the plastic on the door until "POP" the panel cracks. So the fix is fairly simple. Take the door panel off, remove the staples and replace them with small screws. when I say small I mean 4-6MM tops. The increased holding force of the screws will keep the sweep from shrinking down as much for a longer period of time. All you have to do is get the screws (I used brass and self tapping because they won't rust), put the sweep in place and carefully drill the appropriate sized hole through the sweep into the plastic, and then put the screws in. Go slow and make sure the alignment of the sweep is correct before you drill. Total cost was about $10. Also while you are in there make sure all of the door panel hook anti rattle foam is in place. Mine was missing a whole bunch of it. If it is missing just get some high density foam (any kind will do) cut it down to about a 2X2 piece, slit the middle, and slide it over the hook. 2 Very easy things to make sure your door panels stay in tip top shape. Mine were already a little busted up so they will have to be replaced eventually, but for now this should keep them looking decent until then.


For this post:
25Pk of brass screws/washers $12.45 @ home depot
High density foam $0.00 (had on hand)
Total Cost this post $12.45
Overall cost:$4796.45

Labor this Post: 2.0hrs
Total Labor: 38 hrs
2001 Formula Firehawk #293

2002 red hawk
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Re: 2001 Formula Hawk #293 Restoration thread.

Post by 2002 red hawk » Sat Jun 02, 2018 1:32 am

I did this as preventive maintenance years ago. I used 4mm stainless screws for a cleaner look. The only time you can see the screw heads is when then window is all the way down. Panels still look perfect. This procedure is well worth doing if your panels are not already cracked.

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