A new chapter... (and hopefully a long one)

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Re: A new chapter... (and hopefully a long one)

Post by BLACK-HAWK » Fri Feb 08, 2019 11:43 am

it was close but Nope nope nope!! , I just couldn't let it go again. It came down to my love for the name and financially cheaper (hopefully) to keep her. If I had sold it and gotten whatever, the quest for more power would have consumed me more than the old LT1firehawk. And Somewhere deep in my little pea brain I just don't want to do a power adder so I can keep it as original as I can from what the previous owners have done. New tires coming in Spring. 25th Annual Firehawk Rally the 1st weekend in August at Summitmotors Sports Park in Nowalk Ohio in-conjunction with the AMEM Pontiac Nationals is still in question. The guy looking at my 001 was just looking for a 10th Collector so I turned him onto the old army guy here in Albuquerque with 10th#30 so maybe we'll have another 10th owner soon. Good times! and fake Stressful times! Had I sold my 10th, if I had gotten the Chevy SS I would have wanted to supercharge it and if I had gotten the 09hawk I would have wanted to do heads and cam, DOD delete and tuning to get it to 500+ to the ground verses the advertised flywheel. Both routes would have put me even deeper in debt. So this summer she might get alittle wet from time to time because I plan on driving her a little bit more. I'll have to leave slightly earlier to get a good spot in the parking garage when it's hot out and decide if I want to put some blankets over the backseat and MAYBE bring my dog to a car show or two (time will tell the tale on that one).

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Re: A new chapter... (and hopefully a long one)

Post by Scott Chab » Fri Feb 08, 2019 10:57 pm

Didn't you sell it?
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