What's up party people??

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Scott Chab
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What's up party people??

Post by Scott Chab » Wed May 27, 2020 10:08 pm

Haven't been on the board in ages so wanted to stop by to give an update on the Hawk.

For those that don't know I'm doing a major restomod to '94 #110. 6.0 LQ with forged guts, F1-a Procharger, meth injection, 6 point cage, tubular and adjustable front and rear suspension, Dana S60 rear, Holley ECU and digital dash, Fikse FM5 wheels and a bunch of other stuff. Every part on the car has been replaced/upgraded or restored.

Time is a rarity at this point so I ended up taking it to http://www.rhodescustomauto.com/rhodescustom.htm to have them button some things up and get it running. I'm hoping all I have to do when I pick it up is reinstall the interior, hood, front fenders, nose and wheels. I'd love to post some pics but this board doesn't make it easy.

Getting close to having this thing back on the road after 5 years. Shooting for 800rwhp on a street tune and 1000 with high boost for the track. Can't wait!!!
'94 Hawk #110
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Re: What's up party people??

Post by Hawk911 » Mon Oct 12, 2020 1:26 am

Hi Scott. I remember you from back when I used to be on the board too. Been 11 years since I was on here. Sounds like a fun project you have. I love 94 Firehawks. Yours will be a beast!
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